Green Eyes On: Green Jobs

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Hankering for a green collar job? This market niche is bigger than ever.

Last week in Denver, I spoke at the annual conference for one green field, the green home real estate market. EcoBroker is a resource for licensed real estate professionals "providing education on energy and environmental issues and strategies for capitalizing on the growing green market." Basically they're realtors who have decided to embed themselves in the green home market, making themselves experts on green home options and availabilities.

In the Green Movement, Connections Mean Progress
Before I took the stage there was a panel discussion on the affordability of green homes, and one of the panelists wrapped up his comments by saying that the real challenge is connecting the realtors who can sell the green homes to the people who want to buy them.

Taking this comment further, the next phase in this green movement has to be about making the connections. With all of the changes that we've seen as of late, as the awareness of green and natural living grows, we need to connect everyone who is in the business of selling, manufacturing, distributing, educating, informing, inspiring (to/for) others all things green, natural, organic, or sustainable. There are great people doing great things out there, and it's time for all of those hungry individuals who are looking for ways to live more natural and environmentally respectful lives to have access to the products and the information they need.

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Today, there are hordes of people looking to connect their passions for green and natural living to their jobs; people who are tired of the 9-5 rat race, tired of fluorescent, VOC-filled office spaces, tired of mindless chatter and meaningless progression. They're out there in fact, you may be one of them.

So, how do you land your green your job? You really have two options. You can find a job that fits you or you can start your own shtick.

Find a Green Job
The most rewarding aspect of a job in environmental conservation, organic or natural products? It will allow you to stay true to your ideals, to be "the real you" between the hours of nine and five. There's no time like the present to take that leap.

Here's a list of some of the green job sites out there. If you know of others, please tack them on as comments at the bottom of this post.

TreeHugger Jobs: Since we're here
Monster Jobs has a green jobs track.
Career Builder has a green jobs track.
Green Jobs focuses on renewable energy jobs.
Sustainable Business boasts 'green dream jobs.'
Green Biz the job site of green movers and shakers.
Care 2 lists jobs with socially responsible companies.
Renewable Energy jobs.
Cyber-Sierra natural resources jobs.
Earthworks job listings.
EcoClub eco-tourism jobs.
Environmental Defense Fund jobs list.
Rodale Institute food and farm jobs.
Idealist focuses on jobs in the non-profit sector.
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) for organic farm jobs.

This is a partial listing and there are many other sites out there. Once you start looking, a world will open up. Then you just have to decide to how many sites you want to sign on to.

Create a Green Job
Still can't find the perfect job? Create it yourself. Hone in on your passion and build your green business from the ground up. According to TreeHugger's guide to greening your work, a 2006 report out of the UK projects that about a trillion dollars will be made by green businesses by the year 2010. So reach for the stars and take your piece of that trillion-dollar pie on your own terms.

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Green Eyes On: Green Jobs
Last week in Denver, I spoke at the annual conference for one green field, the green home real estate market. EcoBroker is a resource for licensed

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