Green Envelopes — Spanish Postal Service start planting trees with Bosques de la Tierra.


Whilst standing in an interminably long line at the post office in Barcelona the other day my wandering thoughts were distracted by the nice bright green coloured envelope I had just bought to send my package in. To while away the waiting time I had of course been thinking up new schemes for how I would save the world that particular day. So I was amazed to be informed by the lovely green envelope that in fact I had already unwittingly contributed my pennies worth, or rather centimos worth, to planting some more trees. This scheme, 'Green Line: reforestation programme' links Post Office packaging to Bosques de la Tierra, a Spanish tree planting organisation that serves the same cause as the Carbon Neutral Company and Greenfleet but differs in the fact that it is made up of voluntary workforces who come together for community tree planting projects. The Post Office (Correos) and Bosques de la Tierra have come together for mutual benefit to sell ‘green’ envelopes and boxes made from recycled paper and cardboard and which donate one euro cent, in each euro spent, to the planting of new trees. Mutual benefit I say because the Post Office gains a new caring environmental image and Los Bosques de la Tierra gain a higher profile and access to a much wider audience than would normally be possible. As for the people standing in line it is a lot more interesting to be informed about the environmental benefits of planting trees than twiddling thumbs or staring at the back of a person’s head! We at TreeHugger think this kind of scheme is a great example of the little folk teaming up with the big folk to create environmental awareness for all of us folk. ::Correos, Green Line reforestation programme ::Bosques de la Tierra
[Leonora & Petz]