Green Drinks Tokyo: How To Build Treehouses

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Tonight we are hosting our monthly Green Drinks Tokyo (every second Thursday of the month) in trendy Harajuku. Starting in August, has teamed up with Cafe Omamori and created Lounge Greenz in a three story building where people can come and chill out, just north of OmoteSando.

Last time, we had people lining up outside, waiting to get in, and from the balcony on the third floor we enjoyed a huge fireworks display sponsored by the city. The food is organic and vegetarian dishes are available. Special treat tonight: a talk by treehouse pioneer Takashi Kobayashi (photo).

If your computer is ok with Flash graphics, I recommend the beautifully designed Japan Treehouse Network website. thinks this is a "road to freedom".

Lots of photos at Treehouse Creator
About Green Drinks (now active in 402 cities worldwide!)

Japan is a country that takes pride in its many varieties of trees and forests. Approximately 67% of the country's total land mass is wooded terrain, a number that puts it on par with countries well known for greenery like Finland or Sweden. A lesser known fact is that over 40% of that same total is composed of man-made forests. These are often found in mountainous areas, and for decades now the regular oversight necessary to properly maintain them has fallen to the same local residents, residents who have now reached old age.

From Treehouse People: Nation of trees

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