Green Drinks Kicks Off in Newport, RI


Many of you have been to Green Drinks around the world and we've had a blast at the ones we've attended. Not only is everyone so very nice but it's great to see that we're all out for the same cause. That was the inspiration behind starting Green Drinks right here in Newport, RI. For a small city, we knew we wouldn't get as many people as those that attend Green Drinks in New York City, but we wanted to get the word out there since Rhode Island is (ahem) so darn conservative. We are way behind the times compared to other states. So we were thrilled last night when about 40 people attended the kick-off event of Green Drinks in Newport at Fluke Wine Bar & Kitchen. With cork floors and yummies made with local ingredients, Jeff and Geremie Callahan, owners of Fluke, were kind enough to open their doors to the "green" community. Now we know that we're breaking the "every third Thursday" mold, but with Providence being so close we wanted our attendees to have the option of going to there as well. Heck, we want to go to that one too. Not only did the local papers pick up the story, but we even got the mayor there who bought us a drink. Not bad for a small, conservative New England city. Take the TreeHugger challenge - start one in your own city!