'Green Drinks' Comes to Istanbul on April 28

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It started, like so many good ideas do, with a couple of folks chatting over a beer. Twenty years later, that's still really about all there is to it, just with more people and more drinks, in a whole lot of different places, talking about their environmental interests. This month, the "Green Drinks" concept finally makes it to Istanbul.

From one pub in Northern London, the idea for an eco-specific informal networking event has spread to more than 488 cities in 49 countries, from Iceland to India, Algeria to Argentina. The "ground rules," such as they are, are pretty simple:

Each city has an organizer who arranges meetings in bars and restaurants (often with organic or vegetarian food), relays information via email, and facilitates discussions. The spirit of Green Drinks is that anyone can come, and this makes for interesting interactions.

Green Drinks Istanbul, the first such event in Turkey, launches April 28, at a yet-to-be-determined location. Though it was just announced this week, more than 70 people have already registered to attend. Most Green Drinks events include a mix of people who already work in environmental fields -- whether in academia, government, NGOs, or the business sector -- and those who are interested in getting more involved.

If you are in Istanbul this month, why not come join us? "It is a great opportunity to relax with like-minded people, expand your network, or just to remind you that you are not alone," says Istanbul co-organizer Georgie Benardete.

If not, find a Green Drinks event near you or learn how to set up a new one in your own city. ┼×erefe! (Cheers!)

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'Green Drinks' Comes to Istanbul on April 28
It started, like so many good ideas do, with a couple of folks chatting over a beer. Twenty years later, the Green Drinks concept has spread to more than 488 cities in 49 countries -- finally making it to Istanbul this month.

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