Green Drinks Comes to Beijing Tuesday

Exciting news for treehuggers in the Chinese capital - Green Drinks is coming to Beijing, and just in time for spring! We've been a fan of Green Drinks for over two years, and since Jacob put out the call and started up a "chapter" in Nashville, TreeHugger has also gotten Green Drinks off the ground in Buenos Aires and Cincinnati. Elsewhere - now including China! - we're psyched to be in attendance. Green Drinks is an informal opportunity to meet up monthly with others interested in talking green. Tuesday April 10th, come on out to the first ever Beijing Green Drinks: 7-9 pm at Stone Boat Bar. (That's at the southwest corner of Ritan Park, south end of the lake.) We're not sure how many do-gooding drinks will be on tap, but bike/walk/[your fave form of transport here] on over to drink a little absinthe or apple martini, make a little history, and - if you're in the market - maybe even meet your very own treehugging Beijinger for makin' a little love. (It is spring, after all...)

For more info and tips on how to get a Green Drinks started in your neck of the woods, and to find out if yours is one of the 214 cities where the concept has already taken off, check out the website. If you come out for drinkin' and thinkin' as a result of this post, be sure to let us know in the comments or at the Stone Boat. And please share your Green Drinks experiences below, wherever you rest your mug!

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