GREEN DEETS 010 Jack Johnson Video Interview


Jack Johnson the parent talks about preserving the natural world for future generations. Watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi Definition video after the jump.

In the fall of 2003, Jack Johnson became the 50th member of 1% For The Planet. Johnson’s 2005 release of In Between Dreams became the first album to carry the 1% label and his 2005 world tour promoted the 1% For The Planet mission and brand and helped to launch the organization. Today 1% For The Planet is a growing global movement of 768 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 1,500 environmental organizations worldwide. In the process, these companies pave the way for more corporate responsibility in the business community.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the environmental problems in the world?
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Is there an overall theme to your new album?

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How do you deal with the static?
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Do you set out to write songs about the environment?
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Are there any songs on this album that deal with the environment?
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Why do you use music to reach people?
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Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?
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How did you get so passionate about the environment?
::GREEN DEETS 009 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Other than the ocean, are there any other environmental themes you're drawn to?
::GREEN DEETS 010 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
As a father now, do you feel more responsible for the type of world you're
handing down to the next generations?

::GREEN DEETS 011 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
What inspired you to start the Kokua Hawaii Foundation?
::GREEN DEETS 012 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
What's your advice to people who are getting overwhelmed with the static?
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Jack Johnson: As a father I definitely do. But even before that I was an uncle. My brothers had kids before me. I've always kind of felt like a dad in a way because we have a little village atmosphere going. So it's been years now that I kind of felt that thing of making sure that you are leaving the next generation with something that's as good as when you got there.

But being a dad, it can help to just 100%, all the time it's what you are thinking about, you know. We have solar power on the house and we have biodiesel for our cars. We have a little tank out back that we use. We have the worm composting for all our food scraps and, you know, paper products and things.

And then this rain catchment thing it's just like a homemade one. We are going to get a real one we can drink out of and all that eventually. But this one I made is just out of these 50 gallon drums I got from the bakery near our house and I put it underneath the gutters and we catch water. And we use that all for the, you know, watering like a hedge or hook up the soaker hose to that.

So it's fun to teach my kids that. When it rained the first couple of times we'd built the thing we'd run out there and we'd look and we'd watch it come in there and watch it fill up. And then I'd show them how the gravity pressure is going to, you know be able to pull the water down the hose and we can actually use it for the garden and it's all exciting and fun. Watching things I'll go put a banana peel and then watch it every day. We'll go look at the banana peel and just watch as it gets eaten by the worms. It's fun to talk about poop with kids. Like they love that, and just show them that worm poop is kind of used in the garden now and it has nutrients in it and things. And I love talking about it with the kids.

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GREEN DEETS 010 Jack Johnson Video Interview
Jack Johnson the parent talks about preserving the natural world for future generations. Watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi Definition video after the jump.