GREEN DEETS 006 Jack Johnson Video Interview


Why does Jack Johnson choose music to reach people? Find out when you watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi Definition video after the jump.

THE "ENVIRORIDER" (environmentally-conscious production rider) In 2005, the Johnson's, along with their crew, MusicMatters, and the leading environmental scientists developed the EnviroRider, an environmental handbook presenting eco-friendly options and actions for the various components of tour production (coordination, travel, venues, etc.). Since its 2005 release, the EnviroRider has been used by hundreds of artists and tours to date, quickly becoming the industry's guide to green touring. Contact MusicMatters for more information on the EnviroRider.

For Johnson's 2008 tour, the EnviroRider has been updated to reflect new technologies and practices, and includes more stringent policies for venue participation, requiring compliance with waste reduction, recycling, and CO2 offsetting guidelines. Trucks and coaches will use biodiesel, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 78%, and fans will be encouraged to use mass transportation and car pools. All festival merchandise will be made from sustainable materials with a focus on reusables and renewables. The tour will promote locally grown and organic foods, bio-ware, composting and recycling. After all energy conservation measures have been taken, remaining CO2 emissions will be offset through support of a variety of carbon management projects near areas where the concerts are taking place.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the environmental problems in the world?
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Is there an overall theme to your new album?

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How do you deal with the static?
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Do you set out to write songs about the environment?
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Are there any songs on this album that deal with the environment?
::GREEN DEETS 006 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Why do you use music to reach people?
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Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?
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How did you get so passionate about the environment?
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Other than the ocean, are there any other environmental themes you're drawn to?
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As a father now, do you feel more responsible for the type of world you're
handing down to the next generations?

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What inspired you to start the Kokua Hawaii Foundation?
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What's your advice to people who are getting overwhelmed with the static?
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Jack Johnson: It's kind of obvious in the sense that it's about the best thing for gathering a crowd and you know, everybody comes together and we are all seeing those same words. People sing along. It's a really neat feeling when you feel that you are in a room or you are in a place, whether it's outside or inside, you are in a place where everybody is in agreement on something.

You know, whatever the song is about, it's like you come together and it feels nice to feel like you have the same feelings as other people, so connected to people. And when you have that connection it feels like with this amount of people having this connection we can do a lot to make change, you know.

And so that's the nice thing about touring and trying to apply all these nonprofits to it, and the change aspect. It feels like you can do a lot when you are on tour and you see all these people kind of getting together for a common cause. It's nice.

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GREEN DEETS 006 Jack Johnson Video Interview
Why does Jack Johnson choose music to reach people? Find out when you watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi Definition video after the jump.