GREEN DEETS 005 Jack Johnson Video Interview


Tracks on Jack Johnson's new album
1. All At Once
2. Sleep Through The Static
3. Hope
4. Angel
5. Enemy
6. If I Had Eyes
7. Same Girl
8. What You Thought You Need
9. Adrift
10. Go On
11. They Do, They Don't
12. While We Wait
13. Monsoon
14. Losing Keys

Are any of these songs really about the environment? You might be surprised... Find out when you watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi Definition video after the jump. Also, listen to the new single If I Had Eyes.
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::GREEN DEETS 001 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the environmental problems in the world?
::GREEN DEETS 002 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Is there an overall theme to your new album?

::GREEN DEETS 003 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
How do you deal with the static?
::GREEN DEETS 004 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Do you set out to write songs about the environment?
::GREEN DEETS 005 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Are there any songs on this album that deal with the environment?
::GREEN DEETS 006 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Why do you use music to reach people?
::GREEN DEETS 007 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?
::GREEN DEETS 008 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
How did you get so passionate about the environment?
::GREEN DEETS 009 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
Other than the ocean, are there any other environmental themes you're drawn to?
::GREEN DEETS 010 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
As a father now, do you feel more responsible for the type of world you're
handing down to the next generations?

::GREEN DEETS 011 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
What inspired you to start the Kokua Hawaii Foundation?
::GREEN DEETS 012 Jack Johnson Video Interview::
What's your advice to people who are getting overwhelmed with the static?
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Jack Johnson: They talk more about the emotions that I think people are going through right now with sort of the worry of tomorrow. I don't know that there is anything we specifically talk about, you know, environmental issues.

But the first song on the record talks about how, "I want to take the preconceived out from underneath your feet. We could shake it off. Instead we'll plant some seeds. And we'll watch them as they grow. With each new beat the roots grow deeper." and that kind of thing.

So I think a lot of them use a lot of imagery of nature to try to explain things better whether it's anybody could understand, you know. And they make you feel like when I sing one of these they make me feel like wanting to do something positive and so I guess in the end that's the goal. I don't set out writing the songs for any purpose besides just getting ideas out of my head. I hope they have a positive impact on people.

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