Green Collar the New White Collar?

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Listening to the news alone is enough to put anyone in a depressed funk. The picture is darker now than it even was a few months ago. And in the event that you do experience a lay off, what next? SustainLane's new job site is working to match up green job seekers with some worthwhile gigs even in this dwindling economy.SustainLane has just launched a green collar job board. Their slogan when it comes to collars, green is the new white, seems to put somewhat of a silver lining on a painfully high unemployment rate. You can look at job listings, post an article, or search within different categories in your search to open up new job opportunities.

A Greener Four Years?
The new administration's focus on a greener economy could open up the door to tons of new jobs. Matthew wrote about a recent report from Worldwatch Institute called Green Jobs: Working for People and the Environment that outlines the scale of green jobs already out there and advocates a "bailout for the environment" will create jobs on a global level and "help rebuild communities amidst the ashes of the current economic crisis."

Not Sure What to Do Next?
If you're not sure where you fit into this new green job market, The Solar Living Institute is also offering tons of seminars on green careers like Find Your Green Career Niche . The seminar will help you to identify your top forty favorite skills and interests and brainstorm over forty green career options based on those skills and interests. From this, you can discern what green gig is the best fit.

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