Green Cities Exhibitions: SocióPolis and Verdopolis

Two exhibitions with similar names and similar themes. SocióPolis (no, not a city for sociopaths; that would be an entirely different design challenge) is the brainchild of Spanish architect Vicente Guallart, who invited other renowned architects to submit designs for a new section of Valencia. Sustainability and social integration were key factors in the urban renewal concept project: inspiration was taken from medieval monasteries that grew food for the community in their gardens. Models, interviews, and presentations of the designs can be seen at the Vienna Architecture Center through January 31.

Earth Pledge's Verdopolis, running in New York February 8-13, ...

...takes a more concrete approach and offers information about what's happening now to make cities green. The FutureCity exhibition highlights environmental innovations across the fields of urban design, from transportation and energy consumption to architecture and consumer goods design. FutureFashion looks specifically at eco-clothing; models will strut down the runway in sustainable creations by leading fashion designers. And speeches, symposia, and workshops at the Leaders Summit will address facets of the "Next Industrial Revolution." ::Verdopolis ::Vienna Architecture Center [by KK]