Green Challenge Puts Up Major Money for Your Top Green Ideas

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It's time again. Green Challenge is on the prowl for the best ideas to solve climate change through products or services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that are ready or close-to-ready to launch in the market place. Last year saw some interesting ideas that have already gone far, and this year hopes to gather even more brilliant concepts. And a big fat reward hangs at the finish line. The competition offers some big bucks for bright ideas. The total purse is € 700.000 to be divided up among the top ideas, with the best one getting a purse of € 500.000. That's is quite a bit of seed money to get the idea off the ground.

The rules are simple:

Your idea
should have the potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate;
should be developed enough to execute; and
should be realisable as a usable product or service within the next two years.

You should
be willing to bring your idea to market yourself, and to commit to working with any organisation necessary for developing the product and/or implementing the service;
carefully answer all the questions on the entry form;
be willing to attend PICNIC from 22 to 26 September 2009 in Amsterdam and present your idea to the jury on 24 September 2009 if you are selected as a finalist. The Awards Ceremony will take place on 25 September. Failure to appear will render your entry invalid.

We're excited to see what kind of innovations will be part of the contest, and which will win out. The contest closes July 31, so we'll find out soon after.

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