(Green) Celebrity Quiz

Here's a quiz for a hot summer's day: list all the celebrities who have joined the cause and become environmentally friendly. First off is Daryl Hannah, the super-star and poster girl of the week, for her brave protest in support of South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Then there is Bono and his long career of activism. A gossipy little item in the Observer notes that now "celebrities have swapped sipping champagne for getting proactive". They include Pink who has "now written to HRH The Queen about the (Canadian!) bearskin hats worn by her guards". We can't forget the Dixie Chicks for their courageous stand. Or that green Vanity Fair cover girl Julia Roberts. The World's Sexiest Vegetarian Award was hotly contested by Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix but Prince won the crown. Let's keep going and see how many more we can think of .A box of melting chocolates to the winner. :: Observer