Green Carpet at Stella McCartney's: Eco-stars watch documentary "Home"

cameron diaz at stella mccartneys photo

"Stella walks the talk," says Cameron Diaz strutting along Kuktavi's eco-turf. Photos by RCruger

It was Friday night in Hollywood and the starlets were in full eco-friendly regalia for the paparazzi and press. Cameron Diaz donned sequins, Emily Deshanel sported an animal print, Liv Taylor carried off an organic peek-a-boo sheath, Rosario Dawson arrived in Stella's little black dress — and the line-up of ladies all sang the praises of McCartney's pleather shoes and bags. It was a Stella-Fest in honor of World Environment Day, June 5, and the parade of actresses attending a screening of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's "Home" in the garden of the host's LA boutique shared some surprising eco-tips.

Angelica Houston photo

Angelica Houston in Stella's seafoam silk jacket.

Skip plastic straws and grow vegetables, recommended Houston, who apparently does both. "It all starts with the consciousness of your footprint." Strolling past the "Welcome to your date with the planet" poster for the "Home" premiere, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Capshaw of Grey's Anatomy, both fans of McCartney's and environmental causes, rattled off a batch of green things they do, articulated green philosophies, and expressed appreciation for the designer's high green style. "Stella makes no compromises," added Diaz.

emily deschanel photo

"It may be very literal " said Emily Deschanel, PETA member, of her tiger-printed top.

Deshanel, aka Dr. Temperance Brennan on FOX's Bones which she also produces, showed no restraint when speaking of global warming, emphatic about veganism and reuse. "Reusing is as important as recycling. Don't forget to bring your own bag when shopping. Keep one in the car. Buy natural products. I'm picking up an amazing belt of Stella's that I bought. It's non-leather. The tanning process is terrible for the environment. There are so many things to do "

Smart cars vs Lexus hybrid photo

Smartfortwo party crashers
In a moment most missed, a truckload of Smartfortwo cars passed along Beverly Boulevard in front of the Lexus hybrid on display curbside at the event. Chauffeurs, who provided transportation in the Lexus RX 450h and HS 250h, tried to ignore the guerilla marketing tactic, but a string of the little vehicles kept driving by and tooting their horns during arrivals.

Home spinners photo

Party planners hired hip spinners to draw attention to the "Home" screening.

Vegetarian McCartney served an organic vegan picnic for guests, Stella organic wine, Guayaki iced tea, Good Karma ice cream, and even eco-friendly furnishings by Livingreen and Brigham. No-show celebs on the host committee included: Laura Dern & Ben Harper, Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard, Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend, and Salma Hayek.

Rosario Dawson Liv Tyler photo

Rosario Dawson & Liv Tyler both hailed Stella McCartney's fashionable integrity.

As the paparazzi yelled out: "Rosario! Hey Liv! Liv! Look here! Look right! Some (like Darryl Hannah in a backless number) slinked past ET crews and gossip rag reporters, but several took time to address environment issues. Though InStyle, WWD, E!, Us Weekly, People, Variety, Extra Extra, and Access Hollywood cared more about the glitterati's makeup, beauty products, and clothing choices than the "Home" screening, the stars obliged with lots of eco-friendly suggestions. Naturally they led with McCartney. "It's good to see that a company supports this issue," noted Tyler, excited to watch Yann Arthus-Bertand's eco-documentary.

Oh yeah, the movie, "Home"

A joint venture with Gucci which is contributing to "Home" with its own lux way, McCartney's parent company, PPR (also owners of Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Puma, Balenciaga) reportedly forked over $14 mill for the film, released simultaneously in 50 countries in honor of the UN's World Environment Day, as well as on National Geographic, YouTube, and on DVD. Any profits go to Good Planet and Conservation International. After the glitz died down, the photographer's stunning aerial footage, scientists' sobering facts and staggering figures, drove "Home" the point.

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Green Carpet at Stella McCartney's: Eco-stars watch documentary "Home"
It was Friday night in Hollywood and the starlets were in full eco-friendly regalia for the paparazzi and press. Cameron Diaz donned sequins, Emily

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