Green by Design Launches, Inhabitots Grab Squishy Bowls, Worldchanging Treats Anxiety, and More


Green by Design: Are Obama and Google Stimulating the Smart Energy Sector? by Sam Leppanen
"Great news for smart energy technology! Yesterday President Obama allocated $11 billion of the economic stimulus package to build a high-tech "smart grid" system for monitoring and managing the nation's energy consumption. Among the items proposed in the energy plan are 40 million installed smart meters."Inhabitots: Squishy Bowls Make Eating Fun by Jill Fehrenbacher
"I'll be honest and admit that when Guyot Designs first sent me some 'Squishy Bowls' to review, I had no idea what to make of the little buggers. 'Why would anyone want a Squishy Bowl?' I wondered 'What is the point of these things?' Then my baby turned six months old and we started him on solid foods, and the beauty of the Squishy was suddenly revealed to me."

Reclaimed Home: Carnival of the Green #167!
"C Richey writes about the Green Products Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show on Las Vegas Realty. When I first saw it was from a Vegas RE firm, I thought they were trying to pass one over on us, but no, it's a legit green article right outta Vegas, baby!"

Two Steps Forward: Will Green Jobs Become the New Greenwash? by Joel Makower. "If you were to believe the hype — from politicos, the mainstream media, the blogosphere, academics, activists, and countless green gurus — you'd think that President Obama and Congress are readying to unleash small armies of green workers across the USA."

Worldchanging: Treating the Blues Could Save the Planet by Colin Beavan
"I suffer, at times, from anxiety and depression. Not the worst kind of anxiety and depression. I'm talking about the kind that takes the edge off the gratitude I should be feeling for a good life — a life with kind people in it, a nice place to live, and a career of writing and environmental activism that I really enjoy."

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