Green Bloggers: Interested in a Conference?


While the first meeting of the Super Cool Eco-Entrepreneurs Club was a relatively low-key affair, the tight-knit group of green bloggers and business people that gathered is making big plans (disclaimer: I'm part of that tight-knit group). The topic of a green blogger gathering (dubbed Green BloggerCon) was batted around, and a few people have gotten behind the idea and want to make it happen. In order to gauge broader interest in the Green Blogosphere, Rebecca Carter of greenerMIAMI and Ecorazzi fame created a survey. If you're a green blogger, and would like to get together with others, take a couple of minutes to complete the survey (it's short). Make sure to do it before this Friday (11/10), as it comes down then. If you're not a green blogger, please don't take the survey, as it starts to cost after a certain number of responses. One idea on the where and when is Chicago during the Green Fest weekend (April 21-22, 2007).

The Super Cool Eco-Entrepreneurs Club will meet again next Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 8 pm EST. If you're interested in joining, email Shea Gunther, club founder, for an invitation to the chat. You don't need to be in business to join in -- just have an interest in the subject, and a good pirate joke to share... Arrrrrrr! ::Green Blogger Survey

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