Green Blogger Crowned Greenest Voice in the UK

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The winner of the competition to be the Green Voice of the UK is a green blogger, Piper Terrett. She beat out 100 other applicants and 3 other very impressive finalists. As the Brit's say "Piper pips the post".

It's the culmination of the Energy Saving Trust's campaign to find a person who will represent the people as an advocate for green issues to the government. She will highlight the challenges faced by the man on the street in going green and make these known to those in positions of power and the Trust.


The winner was announced by the Energy and Climate Change Minister Joan Ruddock, who opened the green envelope and "crowned" her. In her delighted and up-beat acceptance speech, Terrett said that "throughout the next year I want to show the serious and fun side of going green. I am looking forward to working with people, showing them how small changes can help." She then moved on to a green recycled throne.

It's an interesting and challenging position. The posting is voluntary and for one year. She will be the green eyes and ears of the public and will highlight the challenges faced by the man on the street in going green. She will convey these concerns to the government and the Energy Saving Trust, through its website and blog.

She will be helped by the 200 Green Ambassadors associated with the Trust. The Ambassadors are ordinary people whose lives are case studies in key areas of business.

three other

All four of the candidates had to submit video presentations of their campaign. They were all interesting and well-made. Piper Terrett's featured her in the garden, replete with vegetables (she grew her own pumpkin this year), flowers and rain water containers.

Her blog Frugal Living, is a friendly and accessible picture of one family's green adventures. In it she talks and philosophises about cooking, skip diving and celebrities and money, with photos as well.

We wish her well in the challenges ahead.

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