Green Baby Boom? 7 Celebrities Pregnant With Future Environmentalists

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If the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, then these seven pregnant celebrities are likely carrying the next generation of green activists.

From Alicia Silverstone to Natalie Portman to Pink, it seems this year's due dates -- which range from "any time now" to later this fall -- belong mostly to a group of women who've made a point of incorporating sustainable living into their kid-free years.

1. Alicia Silverstone

The "Clueless" actress knows a thing or two about the green life: Along with posing for PETA and launching her own line of eco-friendly makeup brushes, Alicia Silverstone's lifestyle book The Kind Diet was just released in paperback (on recycled pages with soy ink, of course).

On her blog, The Kind Life, Silverstone has paired her pregnancy with posts about eating a vegan diet while breastfeeding, shopping for secondhand maternity clothes, and prenatal yoga workouts.

But when is the big day? Silverstone and her husband, Chris Jarecki, announced the pregnancy on her blog in January but didn't give a due date.

2. Natalie Portman

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Though actress Natalie Portman has gone back and forth between veganism and vegetarianism, one thing's for sure: her baby won't be wearing anything that came from an animal.

Portman, who designed and launched her own line of vegan footwear in 2008, also took a turn judging "Project Runway" designers on their eco-friendly creations -- and stepped in for a meatless challenge on "Top Chef."

And if her little one is interested in the Hollywood scene, he or she could end up singing about recycling just like Portman did in her pre-starlet days.

3. Jessica Alba

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Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Jessica Alba's first child -- daughter Honor -- was born in 2008, and Alba made it clear from the start that she'd be focusing on organic fabrics, non-toxic furniture, and VOC-free finishes in Honor's eco-friendly nursery.

She'll need that nursery again when her second child with husband Cash Warren arrives later this year -- but the rest of their house is ready for the newest addition to the green family: Alba has said she drives a Prius, recycles, and is working on eco-friendly renovations throughout her home.

4. Marion Cotillard

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Actress Marion Cotillard has been an environmental advocate since her childhood in the French countryside.

"I'm very happy with what's happening now and how the awareness is spreading," she told Interview magazine last year. "Because 10 years ago my mind-set wasn't really normal for most people. I sounded like a crazy person talking about the environment. People saw me as a hippie who wanted to make my own cheese and live with animals in a house without electricity."

She and her boyfriend, Guillaume Canet, are expecting their first child this spring.

5. Pink

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Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images Singer Pink announced her pregnancy on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in November, and though she didn't find out the sex, she's said that she and her husband, Cary Hart, plan to name their firstborn Jameson after her father and brother (named James and Jason...find 20 more wacky celebrity baby names here).

No matter what name they settle on, the baby will no doubt share the vegetarian singer's passion for animal rights: Pink has appeared in campaigns for PETA, including an anti-fur PSA with Ricky Gervais and a boycott of Australian wool.

6. Alyssa Milano

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Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Alyssa Milano raised more than $90,000 for Charity: Water when she asked her fans to donate via her Twitter feed in 2010 -- and we expect her first baby to have that same do-gooding spirit.

The actress and her husband, Dave Bugliari, announced the pregnancy in February and told People that their bundle of joy is due in "early fall."

7. Emily Deschanel

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Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic Bones actress Emily Deschanel has been an animal rights advocate for years: She even won the Humane Society of the United States' Humane Advocate Award in 2010, though she said she wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary.

"We can all be effective animal advocates by simply adopting from a shelter or rescue group, refusing to wear fur, or going vegetarian for at least one day a week," she told Mother Nature Network.

Deschanel and her husband, David Hornby, announced the impending birth of their first child at the end of March.

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Green Baby Boom? 7 Celebrities Pregnant With Future Environmentalists
If the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, then these seven pregnant celebrities are likely carrying the next generation of green activists.

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