Green Apple Festival and Planet Green Launch Online Volunteer Sign-Up for Earth Day

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Earth Day ‘09. It’s just around the bend and yet, for many enviros the term is so-not-music to the ears. After all, every day is earth day, right? But are we really always giving our best or giving back to our communities? If we’re going to be honest, er, ok—if I’m going to be honest—not really. If you’re like me, time intensive eco-volunteer work, though the thought so sweet, usually feels like it’ll have to take a backseat—until I hit retirement—or the jackpot.

That’s why I think even Earth Day haters will simply love this year’s refreshingly different Obama-inspired call to volunteer-ism action being made by Green Apple Festival and Planet Green. Why? It’s easy, time manageable and it might just make a difference. To accompany Green Apple Fest's Earth Day weekend festivities taking place on April 17-19, we’re all being encouraged to put the party on pause (don’t worry, that’ll come later) to do some do-gooder volunteer work. Starting today, you can conveniently pop over to Planet Green to visit the super cool and easy-to-navigate Volunteer Central page. You simply select your nearest city and Green Apple Fest will pull up all of the eco-projects going down in your ‘hood over the course of Earth Day weekend. Choose from recycling initiatives, green roof installation, horticulture, beach clean-up, urban gardening and tons more.

It’s as easy as that. Now there’s really no reason why even the busiest of bees or Earth Day skeptics couldn’t find and sign-up for the coolest eco-gigs in town.

And since no Earth Day would be complete without some cold brews, music, and inspirational speeches—top off your weekend of rewarding work as you kick back and watch one of the several concerts being held in thanks to the greenies who give back. A plethora of Planet Green hot shots and eco-experts will also be on the scene including our very own Graham Hill at the San Francisco event and Summer Rayne Oakes in New York City.

The deadline to sign-up to volunteer is April 16 so act fast!

:: Planet Green and Green Apple Festival's Volunteer Central
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