Green Apple Festival 2009 San Francisco: Graham Hill Heads to Koshland Park and Garden (Video)

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Graham Hill waiting for orders at the Koshland Park and Garden improvement event; Photos and video by Jaymi Heimbuch

We can't underscore enough the importance and impact of community gardens on getting people to go green. That's why of the many events taking place in San Francisco, TreeHugger founder Graham Hill wanted to be sure and help out at the Koshland Park and Garden, along with many other great volunteers. Click through to find out about how this garden has helped the local kids learn green and eat healthfully, as well as more about the Green Apple Festival. community garden green apple event photo

A little over a dozen people came to Koshland Park and Garden to help make signs, repair compost sifters, sort supplies, weed, and improve the plants.

community garden green apple event photo

Graham Hill wanted to get involved in this event as well as Bryan Hughes of Planet Green. A big reason was knowing that this particular park has become a community gem, helping turn a dangerous, crime-ridden section of San Francisco into a safer place for kids, and teaching them not only about food and cooking, but also about respect and responsibility for their community.

community garden green apple event photo

Nora Brereton helps run the garden and gets all the kids involved. Here she talks about the importance of an event like this, and volunteerism, to help keep the garden growing.

Nicole Parisi-Smith was one of the organizers for the event with Green Apple Festival. She talks about her involvement with HeadCount, their involvement with the Green Apple Festival, and the impact the music community has on volunteerism, since many of the volunteers at the event in Koshland Park and Garden signed up to help not only to be great green citizens, but also to attend the thank you concert featuring Bassnectar.

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