Green Apple Festival 2009 San Francisco: Clear2Go Swaps Disposable for Filtered Water Bottles

clear2go at green apple festival photo

Kiddo taking the Clear2Go pledge at Green Apple Festival in Golden Gate Park; photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Clear2Go, a sponsor of the Green Apple Festival, held a great event at Golden Gate Park. Bring in 6 plastic water bottles for recycling and get a free Clear2Go filtering water bottle. Not only did the booth bring in people of all ages to pledge to use less bottled water, it even brought in people from other states! Check out a video of how the water bottle works, and why it was such a draw for Green Apple volunteers.

Clear2Go water bottle pledge at green apple golden gate park photo

After just the first 25 minutes of the booth being open on saturday morning, Clear2Go already had people bringing in dozens of plastic bottles for recycling and pledging to use less bottled water. And that will be an easy thing for participants considering that by recycling plastic water bottles that day, they got a free filtering water bottle. One couple flew in from Arkansas to participate in San Francisco's volunteer events, turning their spring break vacation into an eco-volunteer effort, and their first stop was this booth. Why? Check it out:

You can make the pledge at Clear2Go's website and get a coupon for $5 off a filtering water bottle. Pretty great deal considering how long the filters last. Plus, seeing this booth be such a big draw is a great sign that people are more and more interested in getting away from using disposable water bottles. (Stay tuned for a comparison review of this and another interesting filtering water bottle on TreeHugger.)

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