Great Outdoors Project Gives $50,000 Grant to Nature-Oriented Non-Profit: Vote Today!

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If you don’t have the dough to support your preferred non-profit, there are other ways to help. One super easy one involves one minute out of your day and one click of your mouse (or thumb). It’s the Redwook Creek Wines and Planet Green sponsored Greater Outdoors Project, forking over a $50,000 grant to the nature-oriented non-profit chosen by you!

As Jaymi mentioned, our very own Graham Hill helped whittle down the entrants to the select top few including Friends of New Orleans City Park, the National Forest Foundation, WildEarth Guardians, Arizona Trail, and Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. But now the grand prize winner lays our text-messaging hands. If you haven’t already, cast your vote online or via text message to 39668 using the corresponding code that matches your choice.

  • Arizona Trail Association: Today, 95 percent of the Arizona Trail is complete. The grant would be used to build some of the most difficult remaining miles. TEXT CODE: trail

  • Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey: With the grant, the organization will plant more than 20 acres of wildlife habitat at Cape May’s Ponder Lodge, a former golf course. TEXT CODE: conserve

  • Friends of New Orleans City Park: The grant would be used to reestablish 19 acres of ecosystems in the Couturie Forest, a popular woodland in the park that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. TEXT CODE: park

  • National Forest Foundation: The grant would be used to establish 10 miles of trail that lead to Whychus Creek in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains using the most appropriate path to protect natural resources. TEXT CODE: forest

  • WildEarth Guardians: The grant would be used to restore a three-mile historic stretch of waterway and build a trail reconnecting the community with the Santa Fe River. TEXT CODE: earth

Hurry! Voting is limited to one online and one text message vote per person, per day and ends Sunday, May 31.

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