Great Green Kids Need Your Vote!

Why? Because kids on The Green Team at Arcado Elementary School in Lilburn Georgia have been chosen as one of just 25 semi-finalists on Sundance Channel's "The Big idea" contest. A parent took the time to shoot the one-minute video clip for the contest, and it turns out the kids have turned the whole recycling process into a lot of fun. They've even put together their own "Recycle Rap" to go along with the process of sweeping through classrooms to collect scrap paper, broken eyeglasses, cans, bottles, printer cartridges and the like on Friday mornings to keep them from landfills and pass them on to the recycler instead. There's even reports of some 4th graders who can't wait to get out of bed on Friday mornings because that's their designated day for recycling at school. Hmmm . 4th graders who can't wait to get to school to recycle? Who's even heard of such a thing before? Now so far this year they've been able to keep over 17 tons of scrap paper out of landfills from their school alone, so they know they're making a difference. As student Joshua Anickat puts it, "We save the trees, so the animals don't lose their homes." And it's not just in school that they're making a difference either, because as team officials point out they take their newfound appreciation for the environment back home with them, into the neighborhood, and even on to middle school when they move on to the environmental clubs there. As I think you can see, it looks like these kids are doing great things to make a difference. So head on over to "The Big Idea" website and see if you think they deserve your vote too!
via:: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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