Graphic Design Help Wanted: Ohio-to-Erie Trail

In a state ruled by the automobile, it is always good to see people working towards the development of other transporation. In Ohio, the Ohio-to-Erie Trail is one such effort. As the name suggests, the Trail is an effort to extend a bike trail over 450 miles from the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, in order to make the state a more bike-friendly place. One link in that trail, the Deleware County Friends of the Trail, is looking to you for some help with some volunteer graphic design work. Here is what Pete Brown, VP of the Friends, is asking for: "We are looking for help designing a new logo and creating consistent design standards that include a standard two-color scheme and typeface. The new standards will be used for a redesign of our website ( and the creation of presentation materials, etc." We know a lot of you spend more time with Photoshop than your significant others, so put these skills to good use. If you want to help, you can contact Pete at: peterwbrown [at] yahoo [dot] com and he will give you the all the details. If you want to find out more info about the entire trail, be sure to check out