Graffiti Grannys Yarn Bomb the English Countryside

Guerrilla knitting has moved to the English countryside, the Cornish part to be precise. A secret group of eight raging grannies, sorry Graffiti Grannys, has been leaving their mark--knitted mice, flowers and valentines--undercover in the middle of the night.

Their identity is a guarded secret, although locals may know. They are a close-knit group aged between 49 and 97. As they say "we love to knit, crochet, anything crafty and naughty and most of all to have FUN."

They call themselves "a group of middle aged granny urban woolerists, you won't see us or hear us, but you will know we have been there!!!!!"

They made their first appearance on April Fool's Day in 2010. Then the residents of Mousehole, West Cornwall, awoke to find their village covered in 69 woolly mice on railings and hanging on mailboxes. They left a little note on each saying "please take me". Since then there have been scores of appearances, including Truro being decorated with flowers on Mothering Sunday. Who knows what they will come up with for Valentine's Day.

Since then they have become cheekier. Last month they attracted international attention when they hit New York, invited to a prestigious knitting show. They were outed by some stealthy research (and their own Facebook page) but hey, it's all part of the fun.

They have even made threats to yarn bomb the Olympic Torch when it passes through the area.

Local newspapers love them. The West Briton wrote them up, saying how much everyone enjoyed seeing dog statues dressed up in capes, hats, antlers and tail warmers. One woman said that she was a crocheter and could appreciate how much work had gone into their creations. Another said "What kind of organisation makes it their business to make people smile and have fun? Bah--humbug."

Why do they do it? Let the grannys (sic) have the last words: "We crochet and knit and creep about in the dead of night to make Cornwall and other areas a brighter place!!!"

Graffiti Grannys Yarn Bomb the English Countryside
The Graffiti Grannys (their spelling) aren't young, but they sure are energetic.

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