Grading Green Schools: The College Sustainability Report Card 2009

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The College Sustainability Report Card 2009 is almost upon academia. It’s that dreaded time--when all those green-talking universities who haven’t put in the due legwork have to forge their parent’s signatures; when environmentally unfriendly colleges try to pencil in a line down the far right side of the ‘F.’ Yes, it’s time for the Sustainable Endowment Institute’s intense annual eco-evaluation of the universities and colleges of the U.S. and Canada. Does your college have what it takes to profess with the greenest of the green?Nominate Your School for the Sustainability Report Card
If you think your school's gone green enough for consideration, nominate it for the Sustainability Report Card 2009. You’ll have to fill out a quick application, (only four questions or so) and your school must have participated in at least one pro-green project with the public community.

Schools are judged on grounds such as whether they’re cutting carbon emissions, purchasing renewable energy, using hybrid cars, producing their own energy from alternative sources, buy food from local farms, have efficient recycling programs, and other criteria along those lines.

Colleges Getting Greener
No school has scored a solid A yet on the sustainability report card, with heavyweight ivy leagues like Harvard, Stanford, and Dartmouth making the highest marks, each pulling in an A- in 2007. On the 2008 report card, only Carleton, Dartmouth and Williams managed the same, though two thirds of schools graded showed improvement. What’s in store for the 2009 Sustainability Report? Only time—and potentially your participation—will tell.

But hurry up and get in the nominations—they’re due by September 12th. See the SEI's website for more details.

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