Grabbin' Green Swag at the 50th Grammy Awards

50th Annual Grammy Awards

Grammy nominees this year will be treated to more than just expensive watches and exotic trips in those outrageous bags of swag. Amid all of the pre-partying and pampering going on at this year's 50th Grammy Awards, green goods are making their way into the scene at Green with Music 'the first ever, all-green gifting retreat and Ayurvedic Spa' for Grammy nominees, providing a green treat for all those artists brave enough to battle LA traffic. While checking out the green goods, attendees also got to people watch and mingle with celebs spotted in the crowd, including Omarosa, and the members of Evanescence (who liked it so much they came by both days).

The event was held February 8 & 9, 2008 in the lobby of the South Collection building Elleven, the first and only LEED Gold certified, eco-chic residential building in California. Most of the green companies were based in Los Angeles and, interestingly enough, were predominantly companies that are relatively new. This gave great exposure to smaller, eco-friendly companies that are just getting their wings.

The area was decorated and furnished entirely by Vernare and they did an amazing job. The space had a soothing flow to it with natural furniture and other decorative pieces, including the popular EcoSmart Fire places, which are made with denatured ethanol and remnant stone from area stone yards. Inviting wooden tables by Maku, which are made from reclaimed Balinese homes, also provided seating and space to display goods.

Amazing, organic, vegan food was provided by executive chef Rachel Carr of Cru, where over 90% of the food is organic and most is purchased from local sources. Rachel remarked that eating healthy is one of the best things you can do for the planet and "Whats good for the earth is good for your body." The event itself was even designed to generate more good as it benefited Make it Right 9, Brad Pitt's charity dedicated to rebuilding a green New Orleans in the Lower 9th Ward.

The room centered on a table displaying the gift items for the nominees. A couple of the gifts included tastes of Sno:la yogurt, Better Botanicals and Jess' Bee Natural Lip Balm. All of the items came in the very soft Mbary bags, which are made from a jute/cotton blend so they don't mold and require very little water to grow the jute.

Sleep and Beyond
Sleep and Beyond, makers of the first USDA certified 100% organic merino wool comforters were almost as popular as the chocolate truffles provided by Cru. These comforters are amazing and feel like silk to the touch — we can't imagine how delicious they must be to fall to sleep with. The comforters, which are stuffed with organic merino wool and enclosed by 100% organic cotton covers, come in several colors, all of which are eco-friendly dyes and are made in Kyrgyzstan. All 9 siblings in this family-owned and run business were at the event and ready to show-off their comforters.

Wheatwaredisplayed several items (combs, drumsticks, guitar pics, and yo-yo's), all of which are made from wheat, and a few other bonding components, to make 100% biodegradable products. They chose to focus on those thousands of other products, besides cutlery, that are made from plastic but are purchased in the thousands — i.e. coathangers and combs and golf-tees. Their yo-yos are filled with seeds and thus double as a rattle but can also be planted into a tree when they biodegrade.

Klean makes luxurious bath products, focusing on scents. Colors are made from fruit powders, where possible, and while not organic, the products are as natural as possible.

Hybrid Roots
Hybrid Roots began as a forum to help beginning artists and designers and quickly blossomed into an organic apparel line. Future plans for the company include launching the Rootsdog line.

Ecototables, makers of reusable, organic and recycled shopping bags, have a great grocery bag with clamps for your shopping cart, that way the food goes straight from display to your bag without touching a metal (dirty) cart.

Lotus Blossom Style designs bamboo/organic cotton blend tees that bring out the inner goddess in each of us. The styles are great to pair with jeans, and are luxuriously soft.

Twirls and Twigs was conceived when, like many moms today, owner Shawna Dalton wanted healthy clothing for her children. After spending many years in the design business, she took matters into her own hands and started designing clothing and baby blankets made from the scraps of designers, a process which saves five billion pounds of waste from going into landfills, blended with organic cotton and soy fabrics.

Unico bag
Unicomakes those popular bags and wallets from recycled wrappers. The company works directly with five families in Latin America to produce the bags, which come in a variety of bright and shiny colors.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea offers great teas, with aromatherapeutic properties. Their sampler tins are the size of a normal tea tin but are actually four smaller tins stacked together — great gift idea. The tins themselves are eco-friendly in that the logo is etched on, thus no paper or glue byproducts and you can throw the tin directly into the recycling bin, or reuse it.

Artificial Grass & Landscapingoffers 'fake' lawns and is great particularly for homes in southern California where the water is scarce. It has a spongy feel and while it requires no maintenance is also resistant to fire, salt and animal waste damage.

Finally, for the artists that are more than one-hit wonders, there were even Eco-Brokers on hand to aid in the purchase of ranches that protect the environment and provide a little green at the same time. Instead of buying property and chopping it into smaller parcels for track-homes, Eco-Brokers encourage buyers to protect the wetlands on the property, protect the forests by earning carbon credits by keeping the trees alive, or by installing solar and wind farms on the land to not only power the property but to become a mini-power station and earn income through the sale of all the electricity produced.

Some of the other attendees we've profiled on Treehugger in the past, including Shaklee Cleaning Products.

The venue even added to the green event by showcasing the merger of luxury and eco-living. The building itself saves 1,251,204 kWh energy annually (enough to power 114 homes), saves 6,900 tons of CO2 annually, and 505, 536 gallons of water annually. In total there are four eco-buildings in this complex, all of which will achieve gold or silver status.

The wave of the future was strong at Green with Music. New companies and old were excited to not only show their wares but to encourage and educate each other and the Grammy musicians on the benefits of going green and the ease of finding alternative products for every aspect of your life — from drum sticks to guitar picks to fashion to real estate. With this creativity and passion for finding green alternatives, we can all keep on rockin in the free world!

Grabbin' Green Swag at the 50th Grammy Awards
Grammy nominees this year will be treated to more than just expensive watches and exotic trips in those outrageous bags of swag. Amid all of the pre-partying and pampering going on at this year's 50th Grammy Awards, green goods are making their way

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