Got Students Who Like to Act Out in Class?


Then consider putting their talents to good use by engaging them in the production of a play about America's original "Treehugger" Henry David Thoreau that's being offered free of charge for performance in schools this Earth Day. While discovering the concept of going green in a way that most kids won't ever encounter it, they'll probably also come to realize that while one of the forefathers of the environmental movement in America is also one of the most quoted authors in American history, he was better known for having helped market the pencil than for a single word he wrote with it after he was gone. "In an age of global warming, bio-fuels, hybrid cars and oil wars," says play author Michael Johnathon, "the script can introduce students to Thoreau as well as environmental concerns in their own home towns at a time when, frankly, they need it."This two act, one set, four character play is able to be used in a variety of ways, and organizers are encouraging schools to invite the public and even use it as a school fundraiser without any sort of royalty to pay. It's been generously made available by the author Michael Johnathon, the Earth Day Network, American Forests, Dixon-Ticonderoga, and EarthCARE Canada. And as of February 2007 there are over 2,400 schools and community theaters across the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ireland, England and beyond who have downloaded the free script for hometown productions. So if you think that your Oscar winners might benefit from encountering an incredible person in a way they'll probably never take the time to do on their own, then head on over to and see how Thoreau can help inspire this latest generation of students to go green in 2007.

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