Got a Thing for Webbed-Footed Creatures?


Well then Project Webfoot may just be for you As pointed out recently here on TreeHugger, duck hunters and environmentalists have a common interest in protecting the wetlands so critical to the biodiversity of life here on earth. Coordinated with another great classroom resource program Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), this project created by Ducks Unlimited aims to educate 4th through 6th grade students about the preservation of wetlands by linking sponsors with individual school districts and even classrooms, enabling students to get a boost to their education while sponsors get a reduction to their tax bill at the same time.

Recognizing that wetlands are among the most fragile, threatened, and misunderstood places on the planet, Project Webfoot offers the most comprehensive educational materials available on wetlands and their importance to our environment, economy, and well-being They offer teachers learning materials that can easily be integrated into the existing school curriculum to help bring the world of wetlands to life for students. They encourage active participation and problem solving in an interdisciplinary approach that can be used in conjunction with a wide array of subject areas including reading, science, and art among others.Businesses, corporations, foundations, and individuals are invited to participate as sponsors by donating the $300 per classroom ($12 per child for the average class of 25) it takes to get them the materials; and you can be sure that all the funds are spent locally, usually on the class, school, or school district of the sponsor's choice. In return, sponsors receive a certificate listing the school and classroom(s) sponsored, as well as special recognition from participating students, teachers, and Ducks Unlimited. As their website points out, "your support of this program in your community will help create a public that is committed to wetland conservation now and in the future."