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As the world seems to spin at an increasingly fast pace, there are also increasingly more stories of folks opting to "take it down a notch", slow down, and choose simpler pursuits. Author Nick Rosen has taken on the task of covering these "off-grid" folks and wants to give you five-seconds of fame if you count yourself among their numbers.Just what exactly is he looking for? Honestly anyone who has opted to give the finger to the McMansion lifestyle and instead live in a yurt, rv, or even the back of their car. Whatever your story may be, for those of you choosing to live or work off-grid, Rosen wants to hear all about it and include your tales of ingenuity, self-reliance, creativity or just plain dumb luck.

He'll be traveling by bike around America recording tales, and is currently looking for stories in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, California and Kentucky. Got a good story? Drop him a line at and add an extra potato in your solar oven. We're sure he'll be hungry for both a good tale and a good meal when he arrives.

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