Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection Urgers Viewers, Gov't To Give Up Foreign Oil in New TV Spot

Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection today released a new TV spot, "Do Right," which stresses the importance of getting off foreign oil and onto clean energy. The ad seems to be an effort to reach out to a different audience than the green groups usually do.Says the Alliance in a press release:

Every president since Richard Nixon has called for an energy policy less reliant on foreign sources. Now, the ad says, is the best time for us to act to ensure our country develops clean energy sources that protect our planet and our national security — and creates jobs when the country is in need of a sustainable economic recovery.

"Forty years we've been talking about how we've got to stop being held hostage by foreign oil," says a familiar face from previous Repower America spots at the start of the ad, entitled "Do Right."

"Well, we're still borrowing money to buy oil from dictators who don't like us and burning it in ways that kill God's green earth," he continues. "Why don't we use our own clean energy and create good paying jobs here instead of sending billions overseas?"

"Scientists, economists, and Wall Street have said again and again that repowering America with clean energy jobs is the catalyst we need to activate a sustainable economic recovery," said Alliance for Climate Protection President and CEO Maggie Fox. "Military and foreign policy experts have said, in ever-louder voices, that America's national security depends on ending our addiction to oil. Expanding the clean energy sector now can help us achieve both goals.

What the Alliance Wants
The Alliance for Climate Protection is working to get the climate bill in the House passed, known as ACES. The bill would set up a cap-and-trade system that would cut global warming emissions over time through a market-based approach. Strangely, the This is Reality campaign, which is under the Alliance's umbrella, is working on dismantling the lie that clean coal technology can be depended upon to solve the climate crisis. The ACES bill contains tens of billions of dollars for clean coal in the form of incentives for using the technology. The ACES bill has a 2050 target of 83 percent cuts in emissions, which is just below what the IPCC recommends to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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