Goose Crashes Video Shoot, Becomes a Celebrity

Photo via Orange Bill's Facebook Page

It turns out that it's not just humans who flock to Los Angeles with dreams of being in front of the camera. During a music-video shoot for the band OK Go filmed in Echo Park, one bold goose decided to get in on the action by inserting itself into nearly every shot. While it was a bit bothersome at first to have the bird crash the set, producers eventually decided to roll with it. Now the goose, dubbed 'Orange Bill' by admirers, has achieved celebrity in its own right -- becoming perhaps the most famous goose in the world.A local television news station in Los Angeles recently reported on the goose's unusual rise to fame. Dave Malkoff, from KTLA, has the story.

Since the music video was released, Orange Bill has amassed quite a following through a Facebook fan-page created in his honor. To date, the wily goose has earned himself over 2,500 fans.

As the world's population continues to move away from the countryside and into large urban centers like Los Angeles, the city animals that share our parks and public squares will likely be the closest things most folks get to nature on a daily basis -- so it's no wonder that characters like Orange Bill can become so popular.

Then again, having an adorable little waddle doesn't hurt either.

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