Google TechTalks: Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Biofuels


Most people would agree that Google employs a high number of very smart people. One of the ways they keep sharp is by giving the opportunity to some of their employees and to outsiders to speak at the company. They call the events "Google TechTalks" and the topics covered range from Javascript to brain science. You can find a full list of these talks here, but today we'd like to highlight a couple in particular: Stanford Experts on Climate Change and Carbon Trading with Thomas C. Heller and Stephen H. Schneider, and Biofuels: Think Outside the Barrel by Vinod Khosla (who we wrote about here and here). Both are over an hour long, so make sure you have some free time before taking the plunge. Via LifeHacker. See also: ::Google to Tackle Global Warming, ::Google Founders Invest in Nanosolar, ::Google Zeitgeist number 3: Tofurkey, ::Google Upgrades Coverage of Public Transportation, ::Google Ends Search For Corporate Alternative Energy Source

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