Google Me a Bicycle

Last christmas Ikea gave all its 9,000 U.K. employees a moving bonus: a free folding bicycle, worth £139 and made by Raleigh Poland. In addition they gave them a 15% subsidy on public transport. This week Google did an "Ikea" and offered its 2,000 employees in Europe, Africa and Asia a German Raleigh folding bike, the Dahon Curve, worth £349. As well as being able to choose from men’s and women’s hybrids, there’s a Google cruiser. Also available is a smart silver helmet with Google on the side. The Ikea bikes appeared on ebay very quickly; how long will it take for these, complete with Google logo, to appear... Others have written about Google's free biodiesel shuttle bus service to work in the Silicon Valley and the installation of solar panels at their headquarters. But one last Google tidbit--did you know that Google Europe has also this week been given an award for using free-range eggs by the Compassion in World Farming organisation? :: Guardian

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