Good Magazine: Doing Good, Not Just for Do-Gooders Anymore

Good Magazine is a brand-new bimonthly designed to educate and inspire a group of people united by passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement. That's a mouthful, so they shortened it to "give a damn" and even further to just Good. The inaugural September/October issue, with designs on getting everyone to ______ like you give a damn (would Hug Trees fit there?), has some really interesting looking content. They fuel up a Mercedes on SVO (straight vegetable oil) and drive it around LA. Ben Jervey, author of The Big Green Apple, takes a month to make his ecological footprint smaller by any means necessary, and they count down five innovative projects revitalizing American urban spaces. For the relative weightiness of the topics, a largely optimistic worldview combined with hip layouts, photography and illustration reinforce their "The world of good, not just for do-gooders anymore" attitude without losing its intelligent edge. It's inked on recycled paper, and the $20 annual subscription goes entirely to the non-profit of your choice. If that's not a Good enough reason to subscribe, there are launch parties planned for LA (September 16) and NYC (September 21) for subscribers only. ::Good Magazine via ::Cool Hunting