GoLite PreReleases Pack Line in Recycled Nylon

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Photos: REI.

GoLite is an outdoor company who specialise in gear for lightweight and ultralight enthusiasts. We've mentioned them previously for their Eco Business Philosophy and their adoption of Environmentally Preferred Materials. A couple of weeks ago they announced the early arrival of some gear from their pack collection.

For US Spring 2010 all of their packs, travel luggage and bags will be made from what they term Tier 1 recycled nylon. GoLite reckon this will make them the first US company to have an entire pack line out of recycled nylon.According to the media release we sighted on SNEWS, the recycled nylon is "lighter, tougher and stronger than polyester." And allows the company to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions "by 70% when compared to virgin nylon."

This reduction will become significant because the company will also introduce The GoLite Index in 2010 -- a measurement tool and scorecard that addresses each product's key social and environmental impacts. And one measurement already in suggests that 60% of GoLite's carbon footprint is attributable to materials.

GoLite Index image

Image: GoLite

With the introduction of Tier 1 Recycled Nylon GoLite head closer to their stated goal of having a 2010 product line with over 50% Environmentally Preferred Materials (by mass). The intention is to reach 100% by 2015.

The GoLite Index will also rate Responsible Production and Education + End-of-Life Programs, and expected to score each of their products by January 2010.

Already such endeavours are bearing fruit with GoLite picking up the 2009 Sprout Award for Best Sustainable Practices from Trail Runner Magazine

::GoLite Tier 1 Recycled Nylon Packs, via SNEWS
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