Golite Gets Heavily Into Environmentally Preferred Materials

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Golite is a lightweight outdoor gear and clothing company that we've previously brought to your attention for their eco business philosophy and for their support of a global warming awareness raising traverse. Now they're back on our pixels because they are considerably upping the ante.

50% of the Golite collection for the Spring of 2010 will be crafted from environmentally preferred materials. In 2008 it was just 3%, and this year 20%. But they don't plan on stopping there. By 2015 they figure that can have the 100% of the line in materials that are recycled, recyclable, organic, certified, and/or renewable. Golite are choofing down this route because they apparently undertook a comprehensive environmental footprint analysis indicated more than 60% of the company's environmental impact was in the materials of the products.

Green Product Ratings
To help them get a handle on how green each product is, it gets run through the Golite Index, which is said to measure Environmentally Preferred Materials (EPMs), Responsible Production (including transportation) and Education + End-of-Life Programs. These product ratings will be calculated and updated annually, and maintained on the company's website for customers to review. Additionaly we're told that "each product will have a permanent label attached to it so that product owners will always know where to get up-to-date information on all three criteria."

Depolymerization Recycling
Specifically GoLite will replace virgin, petrochemical based materials in main pack fabrics and sleeping bag collections with 100% recycled nylons and polyesters that contain 25 to 50% post-consumer recycled content). These new materials will be recycled via a depolymerization process back their molecular building blocks. They are then considered to "perform on-par with conventional alternatives, but garner dramatic savings in energy use and resource consumption." What's more the company notes that such recycling results in a 70% reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions for recycled nylons and 80% reduction for recycled polyesters.

Sleeping bags shells, linings and synthetic insulation will all be recycled polyester, with recycled nylon stuff sacks. Backpacks, daypacks, lumbar packs and some travel packs will sport the recycled nylon. Other travel luggage and much of the clothing line will come woven or knitted in recycled polyester.

Digital Workbooks
Additionally by replacing the usual printed dealer workbook with a new digital version GoLite figure on saving over 1.35 tons of paper. Oh, and we should make mention of the company's ambition to become 100% "carbon neutral."
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