Going to the (Green) Chapel & We're Gonna Get Married...

Wedding Cake
Weddings today can cost on average $30,000 (yikes!) and use countless resources from the gifts purchased for the showers, to the gifts at the wedding, not to mention the actual event itself with flowers trucked in from everywhere, all those lights and candles burning fossil fuels, and all those people traveling from the ends of the earth to attend the event. (double-yikes!). It's enough to make even the best anti-bridezilla start to see red! Fear not The New York Times reported today that couples are taking a new look at traditional weddings and seeing green (and no we're not talking money).

Kind of makes your eco-conscience hurt when you start to add your eco-footprint up for this one event, which is why Treehuggers and non-Treehuggers alike are opting for a second look at the traditional wedding. Couples today are asking for donations instead of gifts, offsetting carbon emissions of guests travel with tree-plantings, choosing conflict-free rings, using green invitations green invitations, choosing local flower varieties for bouquets, and wearing recycled or eco-wedding dresses. Green weddings also allow the couple to bring up green topics in conversations with their guests, according to one couple when they told their guests about their silverware selection, and were asked, "what do you mean forks made out of potato?"With all of the money, time and energy spent on weddings, it's logical that there is a lot to say about the issue — Treehugger has 58 articlesdevoted just to the topic of green weddings. There is even an "ethical" wedding planning company, Ethical Weddings, and several green wedding planning books. Now that there are plenty of companies offering green and organic products for daily life, its easier to pick amongst these to cover things like food and flowers for your event. Remember, the easiest way to green your wedding is just to keep it simple (which can also save you some green). Cut down on the things that are not deal-breakers and, according to one bride, " start your life together in a way that's in line with your values and beliefs."

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