Going to Greenbuild? Rise to the Occasion for greenGoat

green-goat party invite

As a non-profit , greenGoat is anything but trendy; it "boosts building efficiency through conservation measures that lower disposal costs, increase energy efficiency, manage storm water runoff, and improve building performance." It helps architects, contractors and people in the development industry to reuse building materials, save energy and water, and prepare LEED documents.

It is the kind of heavy lifting that someone has to do if we are going to solve the problems that buildings cause with their production of 48% of North America's greenhouse gases. And just because their work might not get your heart pumping, their fundraising party certainly will. If you are going to Greenbuild in Boston, you can party with them on November 19.

greengoat logo image
Tickets are $70; for more information contact Amy Bauman, Director of greenGoat. See you there!

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