Going Once... Twice... Green Art for a Good Cause

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Robin Lasser's "Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent" (left) and Abigail Doan's "Floglia 02" are among the environmentally themed pieces being auctioned off Friday to benefit green arts programs. Photos via Ecoartspace.

San Franciscans with eco-minded art lovers on their holiday shopping lists can bid on potential gifts at an art auction Friday while supporting a program for artists dealing with environmental issues and an acoustic arts festival that aims to explore just what "green" sounds like.The "Green Sight + Sound" event, to be hosted Friday, Dec. 4, at the Mina Dresden Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District, benefits the green-themed fourth Soundwave Festival from ME'DI.ATE and next year's art and ecology programming from ecoartspace, a New York/San Francisco-based group that supports art that "seeks to connect human beings aesthetically with the awareness of larger ecological systems."

Artists and Ecology
Ecoartspace founder Tricia Watts curated work donated by 39 artists for the event's silent auction, including prints, paintings, and mixed-media pieces, some -- such as a photograph of glacial, icecap, and permafrost melting in Peru by the Canary Project -- with more explicit environmental themes than others.

One of the first websites devoted to environmental issues, Ecoartspace has grown into a broader platform for artists that organizes exhibits, collections, and educational programs, from a site-specific exhibition in the California wine country dealing with "climate, soil, and place" to a community symposium on using aquaculture waste as "material for land art and cultural engagement" in Taiwan.

Green Sound Festival
The evening's other beneficiary, ME'DI.ATE, is a San Francisco-based art organization that organizes the annual sound/art/music festival Soundwave. In its fourth season, scheduled for next summer, the festival will take on the theme of "Green Sound" as artists, composers, and musicians prepare performances and installations that tackle questions such as "How does sound affect the environment and how does the environment affect sound? How can sound help the environment? How do we green sound? What compositions and performance can influence environmental change?"

Coming from the group that previously let musicians curate a bus route through the city and perform live scores to the scenery moving past the passengers, the answers are bound to sound intriguing.

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Going Once... Twice... Green Art for a Good Cause
San Franciscans with eco-minded

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