gogo Kidz: Wheel Your Kids Around Without the Stroller


If strapping your kids into a car seat and wheeling them around instead of carrying them or making them walk sounds like your idea of fun, then have we got something for you. This thing, called "gogo Kidz", mates with a whole bunch of different toddler car seats to give them wheels and a handle, turning your kid's seat into a mobile unit handy for trucking around airports and maybe somewhere like the mall, instead of trucking along an extra stroller along with the car seat you need anyway.

It weighs about five pounds, making it pretty easy to haul around; as long as you don't mind hauling your kids around like luggage, you might be able to do without an extra stroller. If you're pondering going stroller-free (sort of like going car-free, in a way), you can pick these guys up at ::Baby Mine Store


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