Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach

David Bach has written a lot of books with titles like "Automatic Millionaire" and "Start Late Finish Rich" that appeal to many (he has sold millions of them) but I admit to never having had much interest in the genre. However, TreeHugger has always promoted living with less, using fewer resources and having a smaller footprint, and over on Planet Green we often talk of frugality as a green virtue. David Bach takes those ideas to the bank in Go Green, Live Rich.

It is a simple theory: do all the little things we prattle on about, like improving your car's fuel economy (save $884 per year); sealing the leaks in your home and save a little on energy ($129); turning back your thermostat ($85) and brownbaggging your lunch. ($1,560). Take that $3,758 and invest it. What have you got in 30 years? $ 678,146.

Suddenly the genre and going green looks very, very interesting.

Bach writes well, in a breezy style; it is an easy read. However by putting a dollar value on 50 different green steps that you can easily take, he changes the whole message about going green, from doing something good for the environment over time (a hard sell to all but the most dedicated TreeHuggers) to doing something good for yourself and your bank account. Self-interest is a great motivator, and if the result is a dramatically smaller footprint, everybody wins. Bach notes in the introduction:

"My own personal transformation to becoming more environmentally conscious began to happen when I moved into one of the leading green apartment buildings in the country. Funny enough, I decided to move there not so much because it was a green building but because it was located right next to my son’s favorite park, where we spend lots of time together.

But then something happened when I moved in and it stopped me in my tracks—my lifelong allergies began to improve along with Jack’s asthma. I then began making more changes. I switched to green cleaning products, started using a green drycleaner, and even gave up my gas guzzling SUV. I soon noticed that I wasn’t spending more money to make these changes—I was actually saving money."

This is the kind of message that can change the attitudes of a whole group of people who still think that being green is the preserve of liberals and hippies, and take it mainstream; I hope that David Bach sells many millions of this book. Also, a buck per copy is being donated to the Waterkeeper Alliance. Its chairman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, reviewed the book too:

"Great news; there is no green premium! By demonstrating how going green can fit any budget, David Bach shows that good environmental and financial decisions go hand-in-hand. Bach's "Go Green, Live Rich" gives great tips, useful to everyone, about how to save money and the planet at once."

It gives a whole new meaning to the name of our sister site, Planet Green, where we will be running a series of posts with some of Bach's suggestions for monetizing the green movement. ::Go Green, Live Rich

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