Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Woodman Home School in Atlanta, GA!

With schools great and small across the country going green through the Go Green Initiative, it’s impressive to see that the folks taking home the hardware with this week’s top honors are actually a part of the Woodman Home School. As home schooler Mrs. Woodman tells Go Green, they started the school year addressing their family's environmental impact before looking to determine how they will recycle and free cycle what they no longer use in the future.

So here's what they’ve been up to that you can do at your house too…

o Created a compost bin from an old trash can.
o Made a rainwater collector from an old plastic container.
o Now recycle the plastic and aluminum waste generated at the kids’ home school group lunch each Friday.
o Take their own bags when they shop or walk out without a bag.
o Reduced their paper towel usage 75% by purchasing several packs of good quality kitchen towels.
o Use cloth napkins.
o Use refillable water bottles instead of buying disposables.
o Switched to rechargeable batteries, which also turned into a great costume idea for Halloween.

It seems the Woodmans also hope to have a batch of compost ready this spring for their first home school garden which they will water with all of the rainwater they’ve been collecting. And not surprisingly the recycling they’ve engaged in means their trash can is only half full each week now, which is also a tremendously positive thing to be hearing.

So congrats to the Woodman family school from everyone at TreeHugger and PlanetGreen, because you're helping to lead the way!

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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