Global Warming: Lets Move On to Solutions


The Problem? Almost every time people discuss solutions to global warming on public forums (including TreeHugger), someone will start questioning the very existence or nature of the problem and derail the discussion into yet another "Is it real?" debate.

The Solution? WorldChanging has decided to create a collaborative stock response to these "global warming trolls" so that less energy is spent re-inventing the wheel and more goes toward looking for solutions to the problem.

The Goal? In the future, every time someone questions the scientific consensus on global warming, you will be able to cut & paste a small paragraph that points to a web-page that contains a clear, convincing and documented summary of the real science on the issue. It won't convince all denialists, but at least it can avoid pointless debates and help those that are sitting on the fence make up their minds. Similar things already exist (check out those links, they're good ones), but we think it's possible to make something more reader-friendly. If you want to help this collaborative project, head over to ::WorldChanging: The Debate is Over