Global Warming Has Nothing on Web Surfing with New Toolbar

fight global warming toolbar image

Ahh, if only solving the climate crisis were as easy as wearing t-shirts, or clicking thumbs-up on StumbleUpon. Well, maybe even that tiny move can help a bit with the Environmental Defense Fund's free "Fight Global Warming" toolbar. The downloadable widget can give the struggle to slow our impact on the Earth some extra oomph while you browse. On either Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can add the widget to your toolbar and a portion of the ad revenue brought in by the search engine goes to EDF's campaign against global warming. You don't have to click special buttons when you hit pages, visit certain pages, or remember to do anything at all. It just sits on your toolbar, doing its work as you surf. Think of it as a free carbon offset for the carbon footprint of being on the Internet.

If you want a little boost during the day, you can register your toolbar to track how much money you raise by surfing. And if you want to do a little more, you can receive action alerts through the toolbar so you can keep up on more small ways to save the planet. A very easy way to be green.

Via Good Clean Tech

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