Global Warming Blurb From 1932


I just had my mind blown over at Modern Mechanix, a site that shows old clippings from science magazines from decades passed. "Tomorrow's Future Today" is the tagline of the site, and it is certainly a fun read. From flying tanks to cows wearing pants, tomorrow's future sure is good for a laugh.

But what's not good for a laugh is this blurb from an 1932 Modern Mechanics magazine (above).

Are you kidding me! I did some research and this E. O. Hulburt guy was an extremely well-respected physicist with the Naval Research Laboratory. He was, in fact, the very first director of the Naval Research Laboratory and is the namesake of the Hulburt Center for Space Research.Further digging reveals a story from the '50s that does a marvelous job of explaining the problem, a "growing blanket of carbon dioxide" and even goes as far to present some fairly accurate predictions based on research by a professor at Johns Hopkins.


Amazing find by Linton at Hugg.