Global Protests to Mark UN Climate Talks

Climate march.jpg

Image © Andy Bodycombe, 2005

There is no doubt that concern about climate change is growing in all quarters. Yet whilst purchases of carbon offsets are on the rise, and An Inconvenient Truth is showing healthy box office returns, we are yet to see political demonstrations on a scale that matches the crisis we are facing. This may all change on November the 4th, as demonstrators across the world take to the streets to mark the UN climate talks in Nairobi, Kenya. They will be demanding tough action and binding targets on climate change. So far it looks like at least 45 countries will have some kind of event, including Australia, Bangladesh, Finland, France, Taiwan, USA and the United Kingdom.Perhaps the most encouraging sign about these events is that many of the organisers, such as the UK based i count coalition, appear to involve a broad alliance of groups, including traditional environmental campaigning organizations, groups specifically targeting climate change, and even overseas aid and development organizations. Now is the time to be putting aside differences to demand immediate and decisive action from our political leaders. See you on the march.

[Written by: Sami Grover]