Global Peace Film Fest Promotes Peace and Environmental Justice

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Peace, and discussions around peace, tend to focus on exactly the opposite topic: war. Anti-war demonstrations, activism, etc, but this year the Global Peace Film Festival plans to move the "idea" of peace beyond this negative debate to a more personal level and focus more on how peace promotes sustainability.The Festival runs September 22-27, 2009 this year, coordinating with the International Day of Peace, and will be held in several venues around Orlando and Winter Park, FL. The official calendar is not up yet, but last year they hosted several events in addition to showing movies, so one can hope that they have the same again, including a Pet Parade for Peace.

What does peace have to do with the environment? The obvious things come to mine first: wars devastate lands, wars generate emissions and toxins from bombs, bullets, and toxic gases, for example. But there are also larger problems as wars are continually fought over scarce resources and water, with some fearing climate change will promote more violence. Global Peace Film Festival films on the environment in previous years have been quite numerous and the list of films this year should be out soon. Given the increased intensity in environmentalism, one can assume that there will be at least a few environmental films on the docket.

The Global Peace Film Festival sponsors also feel that Peace and Environmental Justice go hand in hand so besides green films, they are also including green aspects to their festival itself. They are purchasing carbon offsets through Southeast Carbon, as well as offering "How to Make a Difference" seminars which are 20 minute sessions on the environment and sustainability. The street fair will include green vendors, the Slow Food Orlando will be in attendance offering food and Gel Recycling will provide recycling bins throughout each venue.

It's not too late to submit your own film on peace (and the environment), but you'd better act quick as the festival is almost here. If you want to get involved, the festival is looking for volunteers, which is a great way to see films for free. Also, you can purchase films from previous festivals online at, which if purchased through the festival website will help fund future Peace Film Festivals. You can watch short clips and previews of each film online and tickets can be purchased at each venue at least one hour prior to showtime. For more information on featured films, schedules and venues, check out the Global Peace Film Festival.

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