Global Green's Pre-Oscar Party Guest Hosted by James Cameron

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James and Suzy Amis Cameron support Global Green and sustainable fashion.

Across the street from Capitol Records' tower, outside the Avalon Hollywood club, a line of green autos included the Tesla, Prius and luxury Audi A3 TDI from LA Car Guy, the biggest green car dealer in the US. GM also displayed its Chevy Volt as celebrity guests arrived in a variety of hybrids for Global Green's 7th annual Pre-Oscar bash last night, raising awareness for climate change solutions. Strolling down the lead-free green carpet, eco-minded stars shared stories, such as the set of Valentine's Day had solar powered trailers and no bottled water. Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of Avatar's director, unveiled her "green" Oscar gown , Leonardo DiCaprio snuck in and surprise guests took the stage for a jam session.


Nia Vardolas struts the green carpet for Global Green.

The musicians and actors at the gala included Nip/Tuck's Roma Maffia (she's learning to compost), Radha Mitchell (currently in The Crazies) who bikes, Maiara Walsh of Desperate Housewives who drives a hybrid, My Life in Ruins' Nia Vardalos who keeps a reusable bag in her purse, and Sharon Lawrence, a Global Green LA Committee member. As Jessica Alba, Slash (Hudson), Serena Williams, and Mel B whooshed by as the long line of TV crews, photographers, print, and website media awaited the arrival of the honorary host and Oscar frontrunner, James Cameron of the eco-minded Avatar. We also caught up with:

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Sebastian Copeland

A member of Global Green USA's Board of Directors, the explorer/photographer who published the gorgeous Antarctica: The Global Warning, just completed the film, Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul, about his 700 km harrowing expedition on foot to the North Pole, commemorating the centennial of Admiral Perry's excursion in 1909. Addressing the rapidly vanishing Arctic region and impact on the environment, it gets world premiered next month at an "undisclosed" film festival in New York.

"I had a childhood dream to reach the North Pole and made it in 2009. But the reality is that in the next 15 years children who have the same dream won't be afforded the chance. The ice was 12-feet deep when Perry arrived. Today it's only 5-6 feet deep. It's literally vanishing before our eyes and we all have a responsibility to preserve it."

In May, Copeland treks across Greenland to bring attention to one of the most relevant geopolitical places. "Of all the glacial environments, it's one that's most unstable with the potential release of methane gas from its thawing tundra and the release of fresh water into salt water affecting the thermal circulation of the North Atlantic drift. It can have tremendous impact on seasonal crop cycles and storm conditions." He's deadly serious about the environment, the "professional hostage" reveals another side in an amusing interview with Orlando Bloom.

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Ric O'Barry

Flipper's former trainer-turned-dolphin-activist who inspired Oscar nominee The Cove, spoke about the recent Sea World trainer's death. "These animals turn neurotic and crazed in their sterile concrete boxes. Habitat dictates behavior." An advocate for closing marine animal entertainment parks, O'Barry adds, "They need to be retired to a sanctuary so they can experience the natural rhythms of the sea. It's simple to do and hard to say 'no' to that. [Sea World] made $2.8 billion last year. They can afford it." He's going back to Taiji, Japan where he says they're still killing dolphins. "It's a challenge to get The Cove in theaters in Japan with the government trying to block it." The film is an Oscar favorite and already won critics and film fest awards, and recently took Best Documentary from the Directors Guild and Producers Association.

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Lisa Blount & Ray McKinnon

Actress Lisa Blount wore a handmade 1930's green gingham dress with lace and velvet ribbons and vintage black velvet heels. She and her husband, director/writer/actor Ray McKinnon (who both won an Oscar for the film short, The Accountant), blew into town from Little Rock, Arkansas. Waving her repurposed leather clutch bag, she was emphatic about wearing her collection of fetching vintage clothes from over the years:

"This is my way of saying, 'I don't need anything more.' We can make do with what we have. In an urban environment we're pushed to purchase, but we can avoid the pitfalls of constantly buying new things. So I developed a mantra: The more I see, the less I want."

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Matt Peterson

The head of Global Green USA, Matt Peterson, spoke of the changes over the years that he has run the organization with its all-encompassing efforts from affordable green housing to green schools. In 2010, the theme for the evening's fundraiser was Greener Cities for a Cooler Planet. "It's a broader perspective this year. When we started the green carpet campaign seven years ago, we managed to squeeze stars like Cameron Diaz and their gowns into the small first-generation Prius. Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins were real pioneers."

"The good news now there's more coverage than ever before. The movement doesn't need celebrities to get attention." But he looks ahead with "calculated optimism." There's a lot of great stuff going on but its still challenging." Hollywood won't change environmental policy, he admits, "Though this year Avatar has a strong environmental message." Attitudes have shifted, he says, as evidenced by the Cocktail Party Test: "When I'd mention I worked with an environmental organization it used to be a tune-out, but now people are really interested and ask questions. That's a big difference."

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James Cameron

Perfectly timed before the rain fell, hosts of honor, James and Suzy Amis Cameron arrived to unveil her gown for the Academy Awards on Sunday. Created as part of the worldwide Red Carpet/Green Dress competition to promote sustainable design and support Muse Elementary, a green school in California. The winning design by Jillian Granz of Michigan State University student is an off-the-shoulder gown in Na'vi blue!

Cameron articulated his ideas on environmental issues and how Avatar addressed it ending with, "We are at a sustainable threshold. It will require both technological answers and a social rearrangement. We need smart energy."

More surprises

Inside Avalon's lobby, a display on the right featured Caroma's "water conservation installations," a/k/a dual-flush toilets--the first company to introduce them in 1982, a line of hair products with organic botanicals by Pureology, organic t-shirts by Alternative Apparel, who tucked a special Global Green top in the gift bags by LIVGRN.

A photo kiosk installed by the Visionary Boutique sent shots of partygoers with Benji & Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and Mia Maestro performing in the background. And then actress Juliette Lewis, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Mark McGrath took the stage, to jam with Dave Navarro and Donovan Leitch in Camp Freddy.

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Global Green's Pre-Oscar Party Guest Hosted by James Cameron
Across the street from Capitol Records' tower, outside the Avalon Hollywood club, a line of green autos included the Tesla, Prius and luxury Audi A3 TDI from LA Car Guy, the

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