Global Green Hosts Pre-Oscar Celeb-Studded Bash to Support Green Schools

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Planet Green's Maria Menounos wears eco-friendly dress to Global Green fundraising concert.

Warming up for the Academy Awards on Sunday, celebrities started partying at Global Green's pre-Oscar bash in Hollywood last Thursday, February 19, to benefit its Green Schools Initiative. The 6th annual event was co-hosted by Penelope Cruz, Marisa Tomei, Rosario Dawson, Orlando Bloom, and others. The stars strolled along a non-toxic green carpet outside the Avalon Hollywood for the fundraiser and concert by Sheryl Crow and Gavin Rossdale. Among the stellar guests joining Global Green USA's CEO Matt Peterson were James Cromwell, Heather Graham, Dominic Monaghan, Kate Bosworth, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie Perez, and Maria Menounos.

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Dominic Monaghan passionately expresses his support of Global Green.

Monaghan appears in the upcoming X-Men movie, Wolverine (starring Oscar host, Hugh Jackman), which participated in New Zealand's "Green Screen Initiative" to reduce film industry waste. He was joined by The 11th Hour producer Leila Conners Petersen who he's partnering with on a documentary about endangered animals. "We're all here for the environment. Besides doing generic things, like driving a hybrid and recycling, I compost and plan to build a beehive. There's a groundswell now and it's great to talk about things that are important, like green schools."

Everyone offered a thumbs-up about the festivities. Gavin Rossdale praised the "fantastic cause," doing his part for green schools, though admitted his toddlers with Gwen Stefani, Kingston and Zuma, are a few years from classes. Tickets for the performances were $125 or $250 with drinks plus an eco-friendly LIV GRN gift bag, created with Maria Menounos of Access Hollywood and Planet Green's Hollywood Green, who wore a sustainable dress made of 100 percent milk fiber by designer Mr. Larkin, showing the tag to prove it

Global Green's letter to President Obama for Green Schools
Global Green's Matt Petersen, pleased with the parade of stars, said:

It means a lot to me that these celebrities are addressing the problems of the environment and important that the connection to green schools is a priority. We spend more on energy in schools than textbooks. We can reduce those costs while also lowering greenhouse gasses with a green school in every neighborhood. With improved lighting, air quality and building materials, student's benefit with improved learning and better attendance. And it creates green jobs.

As part of the initiative, Global Green wrote a letter to President Obama, for supporters to sign, that will be forwarded to the White House. The thank you for the economic stimulus program is also a plea to ensure funds for education are spent on green schools.

Photographer Sebastian Copeland, Antarctica: A Call to Action, a Global Green committee member and Orlando Bloom's cousin, spoke about the role of celebrity and the environment to French television's Canal Plus for its upcomin documentary, "Hollywood Goes Green:"

There's consensus in the media and collective consciousness now. It's been a slow process. But that's why there's a great turnout tonight. As trendsetters, entertainers are a portal to reach people. We are offering people a way to be part of the solution.

Fuel for the Red Carpet/Green Cars campaign
Filmmaker John Tickell and producer Rebecca Harrell, of the Sundance award-winning movie Fuel, playing in town, displayed the Fuel Energy Bus as part of GG's Red Carpet/Green Cars campaign, which encourages celebrities to swap limos for fuel-efficient vehicles. The lot was full of bio-diesel-powered black Escalades and Suburbans, as well as the ubiquitous silver Prius hybrids.

Lipstick Jungle's Rosie Perez headed just a few blocks over Hollywood Boulevard after taping Jimmy Kimmel Live! across from the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars happen. In town for her Best Supporting Actress nomination at Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards for her role in The Take with John Leguizamo, she noted of the event, "This is genius. I wanted to be here for Global Green instead of all the over-hyped parties in town. This isn't pretentious. Green schools are a great cause."

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Global Green Hosts Pre-Oscar Celeb-Studded Bash to Support Green Schools
Warming up for the Academy Awards on Sunday, celebrities started partying at Global Green's pre-Oscar bash in Hollywood last Thursday, February 19, to benefit

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